Hey there! Since you are trusting me to capture these special moments in your life, I figured you should probably know a bit about me, right? I am a Huntsville, Alabama native, but moved to Nashville after graduating from the University of Alabama in 2013. ROLL TIDE! Although I consider Nashville home, I am anything but a homebody. I love traveling and exploring new places (especially the food at those places!). I even studied abroad in Italy, which let me tell you, was a food lover's dream. 

My focus is always on seeing the wedding day through the eyes of the couple, so that I can capture the raw, unseen emotions of the day. As a Nashville Wedding Photographer , I believe that my approach, centered on capturing the genuine moments and memories that will be cherished for a lifetime long after a wedding day has ended, sets me apart from other photographers.

 I believe that every wedding is unique, which is why I work closely with each couple to ensure that their vision is captured in a way that reflects their individual style and personality. Whether it's a small, intimate ceremony or a grand celebration, I am dedicated to creating beautiful, meaningful memories that will last a lifetime.

Meet diana marie:

trip to a new destination every year makes my heart happy.


beautiful weddings are photographed every year.


cups of coffee prepare me for the day ahead.


My dad is the reason I started my business, well one of the many reasons. In 2015, he was diagnosed with a rare and aggressive form of Dementia, Frontotemporal Dementia. I quickly learned that I would more than likely not get certain moments with my dad that others would. I wanted to be able to capture memories and tell stories, because you never know what life throws at you. I want you to have memories for years to come even after your loved ones are no longer around. Eventually all we have left of our loved ones are photos to look back on and that is why I do this. My dad passed February 2021 and lost his battle with FTD and because I will not get those moments with my dad, I want to be able to capture your memories and tell your stories. I want those memories from your day to be frozen in time for you to look back on for many years to come, even after your loved ones are gone.


My family and friends hold a special place in my heart. The moments and memories we share together are what I cherish most.


Each year, I make a personal commitment to explore new destinations, driven purely by my passion for discovery, even if it's not tied to my work


Fresh blooms add a touch of magic to weddings and everyday moments alike. They hold the key to my heart.


There's nothing quite like capturing those heartwarming romantic moments—they truly resonate with me."


What I love Most:

am obsessed with love

Most people don't know that I:

my dog, Rowan

My favorite person in the world is:

spend time at home with a good book

When it's not wedding season, I:

seeing the look on the groom (or dad’s face) during a first look

My favorite part of a wedding is:

a large coffee (or powerade) in hand

During wedding season, I usually have:

get to know diana marie:

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