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Maid of honor plays a significant role in every wedding; they are not just a simple BFF on the wedding day. Choosing the right one and providing several essential tasks to your MOH can be challenging. But since she is the bride’s most trusted person to supervise and willing to carry a significant responsibility, your Maid of Honor is vital.  

When it comes to roles, the Maid of Honor will be more than willing and happy to assist with tasks such as addressing invitations and selecting wedding colors. However, remember that your maid of honor is not a personal assistant but your right-hand woman. Thus, you should not be puzzled about the roles of your Maid of Honor. Today’s blog post will serve as the ultimate guide to choosing your Maid of Honor—their primary tasks on your wedding day and how to choose the most excellent Maid of Honor. 

The Ultimate MOH Checklist of Duties and Responsibilities

The duties and responsibilities of Maid of Honor may be challenging, so choosing the right one is crucial. Here are the ultimate checklist of MOH’s duties and responsibilities before and during your wedding day

  • MOH must have a sense of leadership because MOH takes care of the bridesmaid’s overall needs. From assigning tasks to bridesmaids, and their overall wedding outfit. It also includes helping the bride choose a color palette for bridesmaid dresses. 
  • MOH is the overall point person for the bridal shower; she is the best host since the bride picks her personally, which means she knows the bride very well. 
  • MOH  is the bride’s go-to for wedding dress shopping. 
  • MOH excitedly helps the bride look for the best source for a hair and makeup artist for the bridal party and on the wedding day. 
  • MOH also provides some wedding planning inputs, such as recommendations for the wedding planner and the bride with any last-minute tasks on her to-do list, such as packing her honeymoon suitcase or dashing to the shop for other honeymoon stuff.
  • MOH also considers some of the most practical and reputable wedding vendors for bride and bridesmaids’ accessories or the bride’s perfect pair of shoes.
  • Additionally, the MOH’s role is to offer and lighten the bride’s burden by assisting her in addressing wedding invitations.
  • Lastly, the MOH’s most crucial duty is she will most certainly be more than delighted to lend an ear for the bride, whether it’s about wedding preparations, outfits, venues, and more. Your Maid of Honor is there to be able to manage and fix any situation that bothers you. Sometimes, laughter and hugs are what it takes. Your MOH will be there for you even at your most emotional moments. 

How to Choose Your MOH

Traditionally, the Maid of Honor is the sister’s bride or the closest female cousin or girlfriend. However, anyone can be a Maid of Honor today; it is the bride’s right to choose. But, how can you choose the right person to be your Maid of Honor? Here’s how;

When making your decision, keep the obligations of the maid of honor in mind. Consider all her responsibilities, capabilities, and actions. Your MOH will face numerous scenarios that are important in your wedding. Check out what the Maid of Honor is supposed to do and choose the person you believe can best do it.

MOH Duties on the Day of Your Wedding

  • As the Maid of Honor, one of your responsibilities is to assist the bride in buttoning up her wedding gown or bridal suit.
  • Gorgeous MOH’s responsibilities include ensuring bridesmaids arrive on time and ready according to schedule.
  • As the maid of honor, you might act as a link between the wedding couple and their vendors.
  • Bring the essentials for the bride and bridesmaids and become everyone’s favorite.
  • The most critical task of MOH is ensuring that the bride sustains her energy (bring her snacks) throughout the day.
  • Before the ceremony, keep the bride’s partner’s wedding ring and hand it off to the bride once in time. 
  • At the start of the ceremony, the maid of honor is responsible for taking the bride’s bouquet and arranging her gown and veil.
  • Prepare for unexpected beauty crises by keeping extra makeup on hand for touch-ups.
  • MOH also helps assemble family members and wedding party members for formal group pictures.
  • As Maid of Honor, one of your roles is to bustle the bride’s gown before the reception.
  • Your MOH may act and be prepared to be a backup hostess. 
  • Maid of Honor will make sure that all of the bride’s wedding gifts, cards, and others are delivered to her car or hotel room by the end of the night.
  • The most undervalued Maid of Honor responsibility: being in charge of the BFF’s bathroom companion. 
  • Maid of Honor’s task is to assist wedding guests with any queries they may have. 
  • One of your Maid of Honor’s significant roles is to deliver a fantastic speech at the reception or the thoughts of presenting a toast. 
  • Encourage attendees to make their way out to the dance floor, which is also essential.

Additional Tips

As a maid of honor, keep in mind that a wedding checklist you utilize should include activities to assist the bride and items that you need to remember to do for yourself. You must serve the bride as her right-hand woman, but you should not forget your personal needs throughout the wedding preparations. Finally, the point is to have and keep you a wedding checklist. Ensure that as MOH, a detailed and timely checklist is a must. 

The Bottom Line

Maid of honor’s significant responsibility begins before the wedding day—pretty much the moment you are asked. While the primary role of MOH to the bride is to provide an additional set of hands, you should also make time for some lighthearted activities. So make an extra memorable day for your relaxing afternoon of getting manicures and pedicures to a full-blown girls’ night out.  

The Maid of Honor should remember that the bride is your closest friend first and foremost. So, MOH’s role should treat the bride with the utmost importance throughout the preparation process. The essential thing to remember is that you are responsible for absolutely supporting and loving your friend at her most precious moments. Lastly, don’t forget to groove on the dance floor with your beautiful friend and star bride. Even if a Maid of Honor entails many responsibilities, remember to have fun!

P.S. The responsibilities of maids and matrons of honor are the same; the only difference is that a matron of honor is married, while a maid of honor is not. Of course, a bride can have both if she so desires.
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The Ultimate Guide for Your Maid of Honor 

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