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Newlywed portraits with an old Mercedes from the 1900s.  Bringing a touch of class and elegance to the portraits after the newlyweds said their I do's

Molly and Justin’s journey from Michigan to Arkansas was nothing short of an adventure, as they brought their family together to celebrate their love and take the leap into married life as newlyweds. Moreover, the anticipation built as their loved ones traveled from different corners of the country, eagerly awaiting the special day. From the joyous reunions at the airport to the heartfelt moments shared during family gatherings. Leading up to the wedding, the bond between everyone grew stronger, creating a true sense of unity and support.

A Venue Beyond Compare

Nestled in the heart of Arkansas, Saint Catherine’s at Bell Gable offered a picturesque setting that surpassed all expectations. As Molly and Justin exchanged their vows in the venue’s enchanting garden, the gentle breeze carried their heartfelt promises. While the vibrant blooms painted a stunning backdrop. The venue’s historic charm, with its rustic yet elegant architecture, provided an intimate and romantic atmosphere that perfectly captured the essence of Molly and Justin’s love story.

Arriving in Style

Adding to the charm of Saint Catherine’s at Bell Gable was the venue’s in-house collection of classic cars. The couple’s decision to ride in the old-school Mercedes after their “I dos” was a nod to their love for vintage aesthetics and their desire to make every moment of their wedding day memorable. As they drove off, their laughter and joy echoed through the rolling hills, creating an unforgettable sight for their guests and a romantic start to their journey as newlyweds.

Breaking Tradition with Style

Molly and Justin’s choice to rent an Airbnb instead of opting for a traditional reception venue added a personal touch to their wedding day. Moreover, the cozy and welcoming space allowed their loved ones to relax, mingle, and truly connect in an intimate setting. Additionally, getting ready together in the morning was an act of defiance against convention. They wanted to savor every moment leading up to the ceremony. This decision not only allowed them to share in the excitement but also deepened their bond and set the tone for a day filled with authenticity and love.

Love with a Wagging Tail

Molly and Justin’s inclusion of their beloved dogs in the wedding ceremony created heartwarming moments. Their furry companions joyfully wagged their tails and adoringly looked at their newlyweds. Dressed in adorable wedding attire, their loyal pets brought smiles to everyone’s faces, reminding them of the unconditional love and companionship shared between Molly, Justin, and their furry family members.

A Surprise for the Groom

Although Molly and Justin spent the morning preparing for their big day together. They parted ways when it came time for Molly to get dressed. The anticipation of seeing his bride in her final bridal look filled Justin with excitement and nervous anticipation. As the doors of the ceremony space opened. Revealing Molly in her stunning gown, Justin’s eyes filled with tears, and his breath caught in his chest. The surprise and awe on his face were a testament to the enduring magic of tradition and the power of a cherished moment unfolding before his eyes.

Small Weddings, Big Impact

Molly and Justin’s wedding day proved that smaller weddings can be just as meaningful and impactful as larger celebrations. Moreover, the intimacy of the gathering allowed for genuine connections and heartfelt moments shared between guests. As their loved ones surrounded them with love and support. Molly and Justin felt a profound sense of gratitude and a deepening of their love for each other. Ultimately, this celebration of their union served as a reminder that the size of a wedding does not determine the depth of the emotions felt or the magnitude of the joy experienced on such a special day.

Venue: Saint Catherine’s at Bell Gable / Dress: Fantastic Finds/Essence of Australia / Groom’s Suit: Indochino / Cake: Baked on 8th / Catering: Panera/

Newlyweds Unforgettable Love: Molly and Justin’s Arkansas Wedding at Saint Catherine’s at Bell Gable

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Created by potrace 1.15, written by Peter Selinger 2001-2017

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