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The majority of couples want their wedding ceremony and reception to take place in the same location. While this is convenient because guests will only have to travel to one location for the wedding, many couples overlook the importance of the time the sun sets on their wedding day portraits, yes it’s true that every wedding has its own uniqueness and make special in its own way. 

As your trusted wedding photographer, it is my goal to make each wedding one-of-a-kind and full of unforgettable memories that reflect our couples’ vision. For uniqueness, nothing beats a sunset. It will be one of those moments on your wedding day to have the stunning colors of the sunset captured by just the two of you! Sunset portraits are some of my favorites to shoot!  Sunset portraits are known as Golden Hour. The lovely oranges, pinks, and golden glow are enticing. And the colors of the sky are stunning at this time of day, regardless of the season!

To always encourage couples to spend some time alone for some fun and a deep breath, your photographers will have no trouble stealing you away from the guests for some stunning sunset portraits of you! It’s a fantastic opportunity to make up for lost time or simply gather some additional awesome portraits, and it’s enchanting! It’s the rays of the sun, the lovely light, and it’s so romantic!

Here are eight reasons to include sunset portraits in your photographer’s timeline!

Reason #1 – No first look

The first look is a modern tradition that involves a one-on-one photo session between the bride and groom before the ceremony where they see each other for the first time. This photo session brings everything to a more intimate pace, allowing you to savor the love you share before the chaos of a wedding day. 

However, if you don’t want to do a first look, setting aside time for sunset photos is a suitable option. It’s the ideal time for a picture-perfect sunset and a romantic mood to round off the day!

Reason #2 – Formal Portraits Have Been Taken

Couples are the main cast of a wedding! It is centered on the couple’s love for one another, with their families love and support. Family photos can be stressful, especially after the ceremony, when everyone is eager to celebrate and have fun! Family and wedding party photos are usually taken after the ceremony, so you won’t just be taking married portraits. After your formal photos are taken, a sunset session will allow you to capture some lovely portraits and intimate moments.

Reason #3 – To Participate in Cocktail Hour

The cocktail hour at a wedding is traditionally an hour between the ceremony and the reception when guests can enjoy beer, wine, signature drinks, and light appetizers. Although the standard cocktail hour lasts 60 minutes, there are some reasons why you might want to cut it short like into 30 minutes, depends on the couples and circumstances. 

If the couple wants to spend their cocktail hour with their family and friends, drinking together, scheduling a sunset portrait is a great way to get away from it all. They won’t be able to miss the opportunity to have some fun and excitement with their cocktail friends. 

Reason #4 – Table Greetings

It is customary for newlyweds to go to the table and greet and thank every guest who has attended the wedding. Depending on the number of people, this could take a long time. Some couples are concerned about the length of time it will take, not that they don’t love and appreciate everyone who will be there. Let your photographer know if dinner is around sunset and you’d like to greet guests as well as take portraits. They can inform you and make some signals like a tap you on the shoulder to catch the last minutes of sunset. 

Reason #5 – Enough Time for your Partner

During the wedding, couples have a lot of guests who catch their attention from family and friends they haven’t seen in a long time and try to catch up with during the wedding. It is still important for the couple to spend quiet, intimate time together, just the two of them. After being exposed to so many different energies, sneaking away during the reception to love each other is the perfect way to reconnect!

Reason #6 – Portraits are Priority to you

The couple is the most important aspect of a wedding; that is what it is all about, and that is all that matters at the end of the day. Wedding photography is important it captures your day, your memories, your hard work, and it will create a beautiful story, a unique story of your special day, a day you will never forget. A story you’ll be able to tell your friends and family, as well as your children and grandchildren, and something you’ll have and cherish for the rest of your life.

Allow your photographer to capture amazing sunset wedding photos of you to add to these wonderful memories, and you will be eternally grateful!

The best time to take a sunset portrait is when the sun is setting. As a result, you’ll have stunning sunset wedding photos of just the two of you.

Reason #7 – Specific Spot for Portraits

Photographers usually make it a point to get all of the wedding party photos out of the way first. Give the photographer plenty of time to capture the portraits you desire. It is suggested that couples allow at least 90 minutes for the portrait location. This allows the photographer just enough time to capture both the safe shots and the creative images that drew you in in the first place.

Sunset photos are a great way to take advantage of a special location near your venue for photos. If you have the time, it’s a great way to create a well-rounded wedding gallery with multiple backdrops. You can ask your photographer to scout the area for the best photo backdrops.

Reason #8 – Winter Wedding

Winter weddings are ideal for a variety of reasons, even though the sun sets earlier in the winter. They have a cozier vibe, venues are much less expensive because it’s off-season, you can get gorgeous snowy wedding photos, and candles and twinkle lights can add to the romantic atmosphere. They have a lot to offer if you’re willing to make the necessary sacrifices.

Constraints such as less daylight have a direct impact on the appearance of your photos. Schedule your formal wedding portraits in the morning or later in the day to achieve a moody, cinematic effect. Work with your photographer to find a location at the venue that will provide a great backdrop with flash equipment.

Last Words

One of the most important aspects of wedding planning is creating a timeline. A good timeline ensures that you leave enough time for each aspect of the day so that you don’t feel rushed or stressed, as well as allowing you to plan around the best light for photos.

I hope this demonstrates to the couples why sunset portraits are a great idea! Again, it’s not just about getting amazing photos; it’s about spending quality time with your guests at your wedding. 

Finally, you must have faith in your wedding photographer. They may put you in unusual positions, use a flash during the day, or have you looking directly into the sun, but just roll with it and try to enjoy yourself. Your photographer has you covered and will go to great lengths to capture the light you two share.

Best of luck with your preparations! Please remember to follow me on Instagram!

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Sunset Portraits on Your Wedding Day: 8 Reasons Why Your Wedding Photographer Should Steal You Away

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