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Every couple has their own distinct tastes and styles, as well as unique elements that they wish to incorporate into their wedding.  Some couples prefer to opt for traditional weddings, while others are becoming more daring, creative, and unique. This is how the wedding changes over time.

Today, being creative with wedding details is acceptable and contributes to the excitement of the couple, family, and guests. Changes range from the style and color of the wedding gown – such as wearing a black gown – to the exchanging of vows and the ingenuity of making the couple’s first look on the wedding.

First Look

A first look, first glance, or pre-reveal has become very popular. It is the moment mostly on the morning of the wedding day after the bride and groom have dressed up, where the bride chooses to have a private unveiling of her wedding look to her groom rather than waiting for her walk down the aisle.

It breaks the tradition of not seeing each other before the bride walks down the aisle.  To spend some time together before the wedding, encouraging the couple to share a special moment alone and allowing a photographer to capture unforgettable photos. When you first see each other, you’ll see much more expressions of genuine feelings.

Amazing First Look

A wedding is a significant moment in anyone’s life, the one day of genuine love and happiness that lives on in the minds of the couple, their families, and their closest friends. When the bride and groom see each other for the first time, it is one of the most unforgettable moments of the day. For a short moment, all of the uneasiness and anticipation fade away, and the couple shares an intimate bond that they will treasure forever of their lives. You don’t have to wait until the ceremony is over to hug, chat, or kiss! You’ll be able to share and feel it right away. It helps to ease any nerves that could have arisen in the run-up to the ceremony.

To perfectly capture the intimate and unforgettable moment, here are 5 perfect ideas:

1 | Professional Photographer

Engage the services of a talented and professional photographer, discuss and schedule the execution of your first look. It’s crucial to pay attention to the time and place. Since it’s your day and your moment, your photographer wants you to enjoy and appreciate it.  Your photographer will encourage you not to let camera phobia ruin your special occasion, because people will remember your beautiful smile and the passion in your eyes as seen in your First Look photos.

2 | Alone Time

One of the few times you’ll get to enjoy each other’s company is during a first look. This private moment will allow you to let go of your nerves and jitters, allowing you to feel and appear relaxed and at ease for the rest of the pictures. Most importantly, it slows things down to a cozy moment and allows you to indulge in your love for each other before the wedding day’s excitement. You will be able to freshen up before the ceremony for emotional brides and grooms who might shed a few tears upon seeing each other for the first time.

And, because this will be one of the most emotional aspects of your wedding day, your wedding photographer will capture it beautifully. True emotional moments like this should provide a perfect location for great portraits. Make sure your first look photoshoot has the perfect backdrop by discussing it with your event planner or venue manager.

3 | First Letter

Prepare your first letter as a married couple. Yes! This is going to be your first love letter. This may be the most meaningful love letter you’ve ever written. It’s best to write it the night before the wedding so that the words of your letter reflect your true feelings about your soon-to-be spouse. And don’t forget to give it to your partner on your first look; it will bring you more encouragement, inspiration, and intimacy on your wedding day. In a traditional wedding, they assign someone to deliver the letter and the present, if they choose to give something to each other.

4 | First Gift

Preparing a gift for your partner on your first look will be even more unforgettable because it will be your first gift as a married couple. Anything that your bride or groom will wear on your wedding day will have more significance and will be photographed wearing it for the rest of your wedding day.

5 | Beloved Family

It’s so heartwarming to see your first look with your beloved family. It always moves the photographer when a bride gets her first look at her father. It is worth it to get a portrait of the family’s first glance. Since their best friend is considered family, some couples choose to have their first look with them.


The fast pace of the procession into the ceremony, as well as the limited views, make it difficult for photographers to capture the genuine look of joy in the couple’s eyes. It’s a difficult moment to capture because it occurs too quickly.

While on the first look, It allows you to perfectly picture the other person’s emotions and enthusiasm. The first look of the couple is most photographers’ fave; when seeing true love as a photographer, it’s easy to get teary-eyed.

To get stunning pictures of your first look, simply bring yourself, your significant other, and your photographer to ensure that the session is less cluttered and more conducive to taking the perfect shot. You’ll have plenty of opportunities to photograph your bridesmaids later on.

During the ceremony and reception, there will be many opportunities to photograph. There were plenty of chances for lingering glances, a well-timed laugh, and a wistful tear to be caught. There’s just one chance for the first look so don’t miss it!

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5 First Look Ideas: How to Make It a One-Of-A-Kind Experience

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