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Indoor photography has been a lot of fun for me. Running up and down mountains and through parks can be exhausting, which is why when someone invited me to their home session, I was thrilled. I agree that taking photographs in your home is such a unique way to display your intimate and affection for each other because we all know that certain areas of the house are private for couples.

Props are your best friend when taking pictures indoors. This can range from the food you’re keeping hidden in your kitchen to green plants to fill the frame. Fairy lights are one of the photographer’s favorite photography props because they produce lovely visual effects, just need to be creative.

Playing with their positions until you find the most breathtaking, intimate, and exquisite angles for their photographs and you can take excellent photographs almost anywhere. Almost every room in your house will have at least one of the perfect features. You just need to open your eyes and use your imagination to find photographic opportunities in your own home.

New Beginnings

Laken approached me in October 2020 about doing an in-home session when their new house was done. There were a few delays due to contractors and furniture, not delivered, but when their session came around, we were ecstatic.

Laken and Mike moved recently to Tennessee from New York, where they established their forever home. Their session included all eight of their puppies, and it was a lot of fun meeting them all and getting to know each of their personalities. I had a lot of fun photographing them in their living room with their adorable puppies, who made the couple laugh out loud and gave the pictures a lot of life.

With lots of fun prompts and posing, we tried to capture Laken and Mike as a couple in their element at home. They danced in the living room while I took pictures and we talked about how they met and their relationship. “Now this feels like home,” is now a dream true to the couple, I’m so delighted about the images of Laken and Mike where the quote frame is used as their backdrop.

We also take a few minutes to photograph their surroundings, from their front door to the path leading up to their house. The couple even broke open a white claw or two to ease the session.

Our homes are perfect places for photoshoots, which is why Laken and Mike chose to have their intimate home photo session there. You may also use the objects as subjects in them. When you start looking around, you’ll find that several items can be used to create an interesting still life.


Photoshoots in the comfort of your own home are incredibly convenient and it doesn’t take long to set up for a home shoot. With little equipment and depending on how many props and backdrops are requested from the client, a shoot can be set up quickly and with minimal disruption. Most home photoshoots are possible, even in what you would consider a tiny room.

Here are some home photo tips for your in home session:

·         Clear the clutter from the floors and surfaces

·         Remove any things you don’t want to appear in photos.

·         Clean your house in general

·         Choose rooms with plenty of natural light.

I encourage you to have a home photo session for a couple or family because it allows them to relax, enjoy, and be passionate about each other in the photos. Relaxed families are happier families, and you want to capture their happy families!

We are on the lookout for genuine interaction. The times we spend with the people we care for are sometimes the most memorable, and capturing your special moments makes us even more valuable as your trusted photographer!

Continue to put your faith in us! We’d love to see your moments in front of the camera.

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Indoor Photography: Mike & Laken’s Beautiful Home Session

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