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If your house is in an emergency like floods and fire, most people would say that after grabbing their loved ones and pets, the next thing they would grab is their photo album. With an album in front of you, you can choose who sees the most cherished memories from one of life’s most intimate and personal occasions.

You took a lot of pictures at your wedding, capturing your true love and priceless memories. As the days, weeks, and years pass, you’ll try to remember your special day. You will strive to recall some unique moments and specifics on your anniversary. You’ll cuddle up with him and look through your wedding albums at that moment.

These are only a few of the reasons why a photo album or print is valuable. We may be in the digital age today, but even though digital provides us with easy access, such as saving images to our phone gallery, we can access them at any time and from anywhere. When it comes to touching and feeling the pages of a printed wedding photo album as you flip through it, nothing beats seeing your pictures in print!

Here are four reasons why you should print your wedding pictures in a wedding album.

1 | It Becomes A Tangible Memory

What do you mean by TANGIBLE MEMORIES? Anything they can hold in their hands that will remind them of you and your most special moments. These are tangible memories that you will pass on to your children, grandchildren, and great-grandchildren for the rest of their lives.

Your wedding images are tangible memories, a printed photo that displays on the wall, on the desk, and inside the album. You don’t have to sift through numerous files, folders, and deep archives to find the photos you took on the computer years ago. It’s right there! Printed and hung on the wall, or placed into an album. It sparks talks about how our families were when they were younger, much as when our parents showed us their old pictures.

2 | We Don’t Own Facebook/Social Media

Read it again and let it sink in. This could be gone tomorrow in the blink of an eye, and then where are your photos? You cannot pass down a Facebook album to your children or grandchildren.

The technology aims to always be innovative. Now and then, technology advances, and you never know when you’ll be able to see those priceless wedding photos. When it comes to your wedding, you should not be reluctant to print a wedding photo album or photo book. The reality remains that the value of a hard copy of your wedding photographs is unrivaled; the feel and touch of those images can transport you back to those moments even after your wedding; nothing, not even a JPEG file, can do the same.

3 | It Ties People To Places And Experiences And Emotions

When we first look at the picture, we will remember stuff like how we used to look. But as time passes, we can see the moments, thoughts, and memories we had with the people who were with us. The first few seconds of looking at a picture instantly transport us back to our old homes, playgrounds, and treasured memories. When we take a moment to pause and look around, we can see how far our families have progressed and recall where we began. It connects us to our origins and our goals in life.

Small details in a photograph, such as a blanket we used to hug to sleep, can evoke the environment, emotions, and scents of a specific time in our lives. Our world is so fast-paced that we don’t have time to search for photos on our phones or laptops; have them available at all times, and it’s fun to just pause and relive those moments.

These are the connections that a printed photograph or album is worth. Memories that money and time cannot buy, those memories, and being able to look back while laughing with each other are the priceless moments that we will all remember every time we turn the pages of our precious photo album.

4 | It Strengthens Us

With today’s fast-paced lifestyle, we sometimes become too preoccupied with our work and lose sight of our life’s purpose and why we do what we do. When things get tough, it’s easy to lose sight of how lucky we are to be where we are. Some people place picture frames on their workstations, while others hang them on the walls of their homes, to remind them of who they are and the people who have shaped them into the people they are today… and that even on our worst days, we will still have our family by our sides and in our hearts to help us get through life.

I want to help you preserve your memories because I believe that our memories form who we are, and that is my goal for every client. People are brought closer together by their memories. Love grows deeper as a result of memories. Those printed memories transport us back to the moment the picture was taken; don’t you want to experience the same emotions you did on that day? That is my goal with your printed pictures. Since the event was photographed, I recall it vividly. I remember the moment so well because it was printed and placed in a beautiful album.


Remember the days when clients only had a few choices in the market when it came to choosing their photo albums. It’s becoming more difficult to stay alive in this thriving industry. You must act wisely in this situation. Adapt current methods to build a trusted relationship that enjoys interacting with your services and buying them!

Hard drives and computers fail, social media evolves, and technology advances. Do you have your photos in a physical album? Why keep professional photographs on your hard drive or computer if you’ve paid for them?

Share and keep your stunning photographs taken by your professional photographer into something tangible and worth seeing for a long time.

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