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We’ve all seen the images taken at those magical moments when all of the guests are smiling and waving goodbye to the newlyweds in a shower of light and sparkle. If you and your partner want a sparkler sendoff at the end of your wedding, we’ve got the inside scoop on how to pull off a successful, cinematic goodbye.

But first, you’ll need assistance to pull off a successful sparkler exit. It’s fine if you don’t hire a wedding planner; nevertheless, you’ll still need good friends with organizing skills to assist everyone in getting ready for a spectacular exit! 

At least two “designated lighters” should be present at your wedding if there is no coordinator or venue staff. Before putting their lighters away, they each light two sparklers. “Designated lighter one” starts the front, and “designated lighter two” starts the back. With their lit sparklers, they should light a sparkler every 6-8 visitors, and instruct your guests to light each other’s sparklers until they meet in the middle.

Use long sparklers

Long sparklers have a longer burn time and cast a larger amount of ambient light on the gathering. Because the flame is in the crowd rather than high above it, short sparklers can cast a brighter light, burn more quickly, and pose a greater fire hazard. For safety reasons, it is advisable to use sparklers with a length of 20 inches. 

Fake it

There are situations when a grand exit performed at the end of the reception isn’t as successful as a ‘fake’ grand exit performed earlier in the reception. If you don’t want to stop everything, invite just your wedding party and a few close relatives. You don’t need a lot of people for photos, but if everyone on your guest list wants to come, that’s great too!

A couple might not have scheduled their photographer for the entire evening, which is a common occurrence. If a couple only budgeted for a three- or four-hour photographic package, the photographer is likely to miss the event’s conclusion. They won’t be able to capture a good image if the photographer has already left.

The major reason for doing a fake exit is if you can’t get the exit picture you want at the end of the reception for some reason. If you decide to execute a fake exit, make sure it is well-coordinated so that it is a smooth process that does not confuse guests or disrupt the reception flow.

Take your time and soak in everything

Whatever occurs, the most important thing is to live in the moment and take as much time as you need. You should pleasantly stroll among the sparklers, taking in the sights and sounds. If the mood strikes you, consider stopping along the way to kiss.

This allows your wedding photographer plenty of time to shoot the sparkler exit photo you’ve been waiting for. It also ensures that you will make it through the sparkler line safely.

Go back for more

Allow the couple to re-enter the sparkler tunnel in the center for a slow dance twirl or a kiss if there is any remaining burn time. After a few strolls through a golden sparkler tunnel, the newlyweds may choose to borrow sparklers from nearby guests and have them hold their own sparklers for a few more fun photos! Because sparklers burn quickly, planning ahead of time can help you get the most sparkler time and a variety of stunning photographs!!

Keep a bucket of water or sand nearby

One of the most critical components of a sparkler send-off is having a bucket or two of water on hand so that visitors can either extinguish or put out their sparklers when the celebration is over. When it’s time to gather everyone, make sure the person in charge instructs everyone to hold their sparklers straight up in the air to avoid inadvertently burning yourself or your new husband.

To ensure the sparklers are properly disposed of, including a bucket filled with sand or water with your display.

Final Thoughts

The wedding sparkler exit is a common (and popular) way for the bride and groom to leave the celebration. It’s incredible to photograph, and it’s more exciting than a plain tunnel or farewell circle.

Will they work perfectly every time? Maybe, but following these guidelines will make leaving a lot more impressive than if you don’t. At the end of the day, you’ll have a terrific memory of a fantastic day.

I hope this article is useful for making your wedding exit memorable and unique.

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Wedding Day Photography: Making the Most of Your Sparkler Exit

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