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An unplugged wedding ceremony is one in which the couple requests that all phones and cameras be turned off for guests to relax and enjoy the special moment of the ceremony. To be completely present in the moment and not to post their wedding on social media. Guests are encouraged to unplug and be present in the moment rather than taking their photographs and videos and observing the ceremony from behind their phones.

Many guests now experience the entire wedding through their own camera lens, thanks to major developments in technology and high-spec cameras on cell phones. Although some couples support the trend of guest photography, asking guests to give them pictures and post them on social media, others believe that guests should put their cameras away because they have paid a professional to photograph for their wedding. Unplugged weddings are becoming increasingly popular, with guests being asked not to bring cameras or cell phones to the event.

Here are 6 reasons why you should have an unplugged ceremony:

1 | Put the focus where it deserves

The most significant explanation for doing an unplugged wedding is that it puts the focus or attention on the couple getting married, which is what it should be. Your big day has arrived, and you’ve invited all of your friends and family to join you and your other half in celebrating. Brides deserve to be met with beautiful smiles and familiar loving faces as they walk down the aisle. It has become all too usual to only see iPhones, cameras, and even selfie sticks. This can also have a negative effect on your professional photographer’s work because they will have to deal with people hiding behind their technology in the background of each shot.

2 | Your professional photographs will not be compromised

We’ve all seen pictures online of wedding guests who decide it’s more important for them to take a snapshot of your first kiss on their phones than it is for the professional photographer to capture the moment. Those images break our hearts. You’ve invested a significant amount of time and money in your photographer, and you deserve to have all of your ceremony moments perfectly shot. Don’t let Uncle Brent ruin your first kiss by standing in the aisle.

3 | Appreciate your guest’s presence

You will see your guests’ faces instead of their screens when you have an unplugged ceremony. Instead of seeing the backs of their phones, wouldn’t it be wonderful to see a group of your loved ones looking up at you as you say your vows? If your mother is hiding behind her iPad, how can you catch the moment when she cries? You can see all of their joyful tears and smiles. There’s something unique about being truly present without any distractions.

4 | Distractions are limited

For an unplugged ceremony, there will be no ringtones or people browsing social media during the ceremony. What is it that is distracting you? When you’re about to say your vows and you see your cousin leaning out of her seat to take a picture. And if you think that’s annoying to you right now, just imagine how distracted all of your guests who are seated behind your cousin are! Sometimes, it’s too late for us to move them, and we don’t want to disrupt your guests by forcing them to move and distracting other guests.

5 | Images are valued and privacy is respected

It’s all about you on your wedding day. You have the right to share your special day and important news with whomever and whenever you want. Before you’ve even done saying your vows, it shouldn’t be up on Instagram without your permission. It is a sign of respect for the couple, who chose an intimate and private wedding, and guests should respect and enjoy the couple’s precious memories captured by the professional photographer.

Furthermore, when a guest takes a group photo, they assume that everyone in the photo is okay with it being publicized, which is not always the case. This is also one way to protect your guest’s privacy for those who want to be in private. 

6 | Your guests are not required to document the moment

If someone complains about your unplugged policy, keep in mind that they do not need to document this moment. Plain and simple! You’ve enlisted the services of a professional photographer. Is your coworker going to frame a snapshot of your first kiss and hang it in his living room? But, in such crucial moments as a wedding ceremony, we must challenge our fascination with recording and sharing. Leave the Instagram Story opportunity and instead focus on being present.

Guests should first and foremost enjoy the celebrations; they are not expected to be photographers and record the event. Allow them to feel as if they are guests chosen by the couple because they are special and want to be a part of the special occasion.

Announce Your Unplugged Wedding

If you’re having an unplugged wedding, make sure your guests know when they’re able to take pictures and when they’re not. Is this a one-time rule, or do you want them to keep their cameras tucked away for the reception as well? A respectful request to put the cameras away and enjoy the wedding is likely to be enough to convince them that photography should be left to the professionals.

  • Have the DJ or officiant made an announcement – Why not ask the priest or DJ to announce that you’ve requested that all phones and cameras be turned off for the duration of the ceremony?
  • Let your guests know about the invitation ahead of time – You will let your guests know ahead of time that you want your wedding ceremony to be “unplugged” by including a short note in their invitation package.
  • Reassure your guests – that you have hired a professional photographer to take great photos of the celebration and that they will have access to them once they become available.
  • Create a sign – You may design a sign to be placed at the ceremony’s entrance.

Final Say

As a couple, you would want to share an unforgettable moment with your amazing guests, so having an unplugged wedding day is not a bad idea. It’s a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to share your big day with your guests.

And for the guests, being invited and asked to show a little respect for the wedding’s privacy should not be a problem. The most important thing is for everybody to have a beautiful wedding day.

Is this blog increasing the importance of your wedding? I’d appreciate it if you could share your thoughts and ideas. I’ll show you how to make your wedding “Unplugged” if you follow me on Instagram.

Wedding Guide: 6 Reasons To Have An Unplugged Ceremony And How To Inform Your Guests

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