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Being engaged is a new step that you are looking forward to, a future with a great companion. For sure, you want to celebrate that moment every day if possible, and thinking of organizing a wedding can be extremely overwhelming.  So, don’t let the time between dating and marriage pass you by unnoticed. You may want to jump into the big day right after you said yes, but that shouldn’t be—no need to rush because some guidelines are significant for creating a memorable wedding experience. 

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So, in today’s blog, we’ll respond to your inquiry; what is the best thing to do after getting engaged? The following are the top nine things to do as soon as you get engaged to begin planning your dream wedding.

#1 Take Time to Soak It All In

First and foremost, CELEBRATE! Seriously, getting engaged is the best, and you’ll never get those first few days and weeks back once he goes down on one knee and you get to share your joy with your entire family. It is truly exceptional and once-in-a-lifetime. So enjoy your first few weeks as a newly engaged couple instead of jumping into full wedding planning mode. You may start thinking about the wedding now but take it slowly. Instead, relax and focus on celebrating your engagement because you deserved it!

#2 Tell Your Closest Family and Friends 

When you’re ready to share your big moment on social media, there are a few people you should notify first. Of course, you should inform first your family and closest friends. Only your family and closest friends will be genuinely happy to hear the wonderful news. You can now post your “just engaged” with that big diamond ring on your social media account after you’ve notified them. Then you may spread even more joy to all of your followers and friends by sharing a few of your precious moments. 

#3 Start Dreaming About Your Wedding 

Do you wish to have a destination wedding? What about a small wedding? Or perhaps a large outdoor wedding? Every bride, I’m sure, has her ideal wedding. So start dreaming about how you want your feelings, ambiance, and settings will it be. Girl! That isn’t a problem at all. Visualizing your wedding is an excellent idea since it allows you to collect all the elements you want for your big day.

Since you’ve engaged, it is a significant chance you’ve already discussed your wedding plans. Don’t get too caught up in the specifics. Instead, keep the focus of your initial discussions on the overall wedding experience. The experience that you and your partner desire.  Even if you don’t agree at first, these chats will allow you and your partner to prioritize what’s essential and find areas where you can compromise.

#4 Start Thinking and Set Your Wedding Budget 

You may begin discussing the next big question — how to pay for it — once you have a general concept of how you want your wedding day to go. Discuss it and calculate how much it will cost and whether or not it is doable in your current financial situation. Be honest with yourself about what you can afford, discuss the wedding budget with your fiance. Take part in the details that you think you can be creative and can cost you less. 

Wedding Budget is crucial. The decision to the budget concern will influence many things for your wedding day, including venue, guest list, duration of engagement, bridal party size, wedding gown, and so on. The timeframe is also essential for paying for a wedding; a longer engagement can offer you more time to save or spread out wedding deposits and payments.

Organizing a budget in a way that works for both parties is difficult. The vital thing to remember is that handling money as a couple is a talent you’ll need to keep your marriage thriving, and like any skill, the more you practice, the better you’ll get.

#5 Choose a Venue and Place a Date 

After the budget, start looking for a wedding venue and reserve your date as soon as possible. As we all know, a wedding can take place at any time of year, especially if you choose a day during peak season. Yes! When it comes to picking a wedding date and location, the season is crucial aside from your guest lists. Your site must accommodate the number of guests and hold up any season, such as unexpected rain. Is there an indoor backup area?

You may ask the people around you for suitable venues; it is also better to check on wedding vendors like photographers. We have worked with different locations and vendors. Proper and reliable connections can lead to your dream wedding setting. 

#6 Book Your Wedding Photographer and Videographer 

Like other leading wedding performers, wedding photographers are in high demand. Yes! Our services are in high demand. So, please send your queries as soon as possible because we can only take on one event each day. You may find a list of questions to ask your photographer before booking them on one of my blogs. 

It’s an excellent approach to cut down your selection of photographers and videographers because you’ll have more time to look through portfolios and make appointments to choose the best photographer for your big day. Book your photographer and videographer as soon as you have agreed with your date. Then, it’s time to plan your engagement photos with your chosen wedding photographer once you’ve decided with your photographer.

#7 Take Engagement Photos  With Your Wedding Photographer 

What are the benefits of having engagement photos? Engagement photos are more than just a pretty picture to frame. Wedding invitations, save-the-date cards, and wedding websites are all examples of significant use. Aside from that, your engagement photos enhance your venue’s decor and ambiance. Furthermore, engagement photos aren’t uptight and boring; instead, they’re passionate and candid. Therefore they’re used more than typical wedding photos.

Why do we propose that you have your engagement photos taken by your wedding photographer? Having your engagement photos taken by your wedding photographer has numerous advantages. One of them is saving you money; packages are far more cost-effective than hiring two separate photographers. Aside from the beauty artist, an engagement photo session allows you to collaborate with your wedding photographer. Finally, it gives you a sneak peek into your big day, and you may use it as a trial run for wedding photos.

#8 Create a Guest List 

Your guest list is significant with your venue, budget, and of course, to your wedding overall. You may write down the initial guests list and then finalize it after discussing it with your soon-to-be husband. Next, start listing down your immediate family and closest friends, and your bridal party. You might also need to consult your parents and in-laws for important guests they need or want to invite. 

We completely understand! One of the most stressful aspects of wedding planning is narrowing down the guest list. It’s not always as simple as drafting a list of everyone you want to celebrate with and the folks you Must ask. However, the couple should not feel obligated to invite everyone on the initial guest list. Instead, ask yourself who you want to invite to your wedding; this will help you decide. You can also lookup some guest list etiquette to learn how to handle questions from your uninvited guest.

#9 Stay Organized

Even if wedding planning is stressful, you should remain calm, focused, and organized. There are clever methods for staying organized during wedding preparations. One of these smart ideas is to store contracts, invoices, and other essential paper documents on Google Drive or iCloud to keep track of them more easily. Then, when you need the files, you’ll be able to access them from your smartphone—request a soft copy of all your documents from your wedding vendors.

Continue to do everything that makes you happy as a couple, even as you make a more serious commitment. Keep doing your favorite things, whether strolling, dining out with friends, or simply watching movies together.  And, through it all, keep laughing together. 


The Next 9 Steps: What to Do After Getting Engaged

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