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Brides are always worried about planning the perfect ceremony and reception. Both of those events require many hours of meticulous organization, yet the end of the reception is often overlooked. It won’t feel right to say goodbye to your guests & leave after your venue is empty at the end of the night. Instead, every bride should think about how her celebration will end.

When it comes to preparing the end of your wedding reception. You must strike the right balance between getting all of your guests out on time and maintaining the party atmosphere. This will be your last memorable moment, so make it count! We’ve seen many excellent ways to end your reception, some are classic, surprising, and one-of-a-kind but they’re all sure to be amazing! Keep in mind while organizing your wedding timeline, allow at least one hour from the moment you leave until your contract expires. 

Depending on the theme of your wedding, go for something simple or ornate. To help you become creative, we’ve compiled a list of six of the most memorable ways to end your reception.

Grand Exit

One of the most classic ways to end a reception is with a grand exit. Most couples use sparklers to light up the walkway for their guests. but if your grand exit is at night and your venue does not allow sparklers, use glow sticks instead. If you’re planning a daylight event, you don’t have to limit yourself to props that light up. Sparklers and glow sticks have always been a popular way to end a party. They have a romantic vibe, and the light they create makes for wonderful photos.

Surprise Fireworks Display 

Is there a better way to end the night than by surprised your guests with a spectacular fireworks display? If your venue has a lake in the background, you can end the evening with fireworks. They’ll make a nice backdrop for a few last-minute shots and are a classic way to remember an event. On the dance floor, fireworks are a terrific way to get the party started! If you want to take your reception to the next level, a fireworks show is the way to go! If you keep it a secret, it will feel much more romantic and significant. This is a great way to get everyone outside, giving you time to say your goodbyes and get to your vehicle. 

Check to see if there are any businesses in the area that can handle the fireworks for you. It’s worth noting that purchasing fireworks may be illegal in several states. Before purchasing fireworks, be sure you know the rules in your state regulating their purchase and use.

Last Dance

The last dance is a celebration of everyone coming together and entering on this crazy but amazing journey known as marriage. If a formal exit does not appeal to you, end the night on the dance floor! Choose music that captures the atmosphere you want your guests to remember. Some couples opt for a slow dance to end the night on a romantic and sentimental note, while others opt for a lively crowd favorite to end the night on a high note. In either case, you can’t go wrong! You can create a large dance with the help of a choreographer. When the DJ welcomes everyone onto the dance floor for the final song, urge them to also declare that there will be no formal exit, so guests know to stay on or near the dance floor to say goodbyes.

Performance by Bride and Groom

Many newlywed couples do something special together at their reception. If you’re one of those couples with a unique talent. Grab the microphone, sing out your favorite song, or perform a choreographed dance that your guests will never forget. Guaranteed to be the night’s show-stopper and a one-of-a-kind way to end the party on a high note, as well as a sweet way to express your love for one other in a non-traditional way.

If at all possible, keep it a surprise. Start with a quick toast to express a general thank you to all of your guests. Make sure your photographer is present to capture your special moment as well as the overwhelming joy on your guests’ faces!

Late Night Snack Delivery 

Even after a full dinner, your guests will be hungry by the end of the night due to all the dancing and drinking! So, before the party ends, curb those late-night appetites with a special snack delivery. Consider pizza delivery, cookies, and coffee, or a tiny slider station. You could even hire your favorite food truck to set up shop at the location to give your guests more alternatives! This is one of those extra-special touches that will elevate your wedding to new heights, and it’s something your guests will appreciate, especially if they plan to party after the reception. To reduce the amount of food leftover at the end of the night, provide little to-go boxes with snacks that visitors can enjoy during the reception or on the way home.

After Party at a Bar

You may not want to be the center of attention and would like to leave on your own to have some time to breathe and unwind. Remember, it’s perfectly OK if you decide to start your honeymoon early or simply get some much-needed rest!

Let everyone know where the after-party will be held , your favorite pub or late night spot is always a wonderful choice, but you can alternatively arrange for it to be held at the home of a family member or friend. If they’d like to continue the party in a more relaxed atmosphere. As a result, the reception exit will be less of a spectacle, and everyone will be able to leave the bar whenever they want.

Do what you feel is right!

Whatever feels right for you and your future spouse will be the best and most memorable way to end your reception. Sparklers are used to give a touch of magic (and sparkle) to your exit. Or you can enjoy one more slow dance before leaving. Whatever you decide on will be the best option because it is true to you and your fiancée.

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Wedding Inspiration: 6 Memorable Ways to End Your Reception

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